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Dušan Srezojević[uredi - уреди]

Dušan Srezojević (Jagodina, 12 October 1886-Belgrade, 15 January 1916) was a Serbian lyric poet.

In 1911 he graduated from the University of Belgrade, where he studied Serbian Literature, History and French under the guidance of professors Bogdan and Pavle Popović, Jovan Skerlić and Aleksandar Belić.

His first poem was published in 1908 in the Serbian Literary Herald (Srpskom književnom glasniku), and the rest of his poetic opus appeared in Brankovo Kolo (1909-1911), Borba (1910-1912), Novo vreme (1910), Socialist (1910), and Zvezda (1912). Bogdan Popović mentioned Srezojević the poet in his anthology of newer Serbian lyrics, published in Belgrade in 1911.

In 1913 Srezojević was hospitalized with tuberculosis aggravated by years of living under harsh conditions in Belgrade while studying and trying to support himself, his mother and siblings who were then living in Jagodina. After a valiant struggle of more than three years he died in Belgrade on the 15th of January 1916. Poet Petar Kočić who suffered from tuberculosis also died that year in August.

It was Pavle and Bogdan Popović who immediately recognized Srezojević's maturity and craftsmanship as a lyric poet who stands easily first among the literary period known in Serbian as "Moderna". Bogdan Popović wrote eloquently about Srezojević in his revised anthology -- Antologiji novije srpske lirike -- published in Belgrade in 1936. Yet the ravages of two world wars and the Communist years that followed, Srezojević, like many other Serbian poets, were unfortunately destined to as complete an oblivion. Thanks to Milivoj Nenin and Zorica Hadžić that Srezojević's poems are reaching an audience once again.

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