John Berger

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John Berger (2009)

John Peter Berger (5. 11. 1926. – 2. 1. 2017), britanski likovni kritičar, romanopisac, slikar i pisac. Među njegovim najpoznatijim djelima se nalazi roman G., dobitnik Nagrade Booker za 1972. godinu, kao i esej o likovnoj kritici Ways of Seeing, poznat kao književni prilog istoimenoj BBC-jevoj seriji.


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  • A Painter of Our Time
  • Permanent Red
  • The Foot of Clive
  • Corker's Freedom
  • A Fortunate Man
  • Art and Revolution
  • The Moment of Cubism and Other Essays
  • The Look of Things: Selected Essays and Articles
  • Ways of Seeing
  • Another Way of Telling
  • A Seventh Man
  • The Success and Failure of Picasso
  • G.
  • About Looking
  • Into Their Labours (Pig Earth, Once in Europa, Lilac and Flag. A Trilogy)
  • And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos
  • The White Bird (
  • Keeping a Rendezvous
  • Pages of the Wound
  • Photocopies
  • To the Wedding
  • King
  • The Shape of a Pocket
  • Selected Essays (Geoff Dyer, ur.)
  • I Send You This Cadmium Red (koautor John Christie)
  • Titian: Nymph and Shepherd (koautor with Katya Berger)
  • Here is Where We Meet
  • Hold Everything Dear

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