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Campania was the breadbasket for Rome, until the inclusion of [[Egypt]] brought greater supplies of grain, resulting in the conversion of smallholdings in Campania to the characteristic [[latifundia]] that lasted from the Empire to modern times. [[Goths]] and the [[Byzantine Empire]] struggled for control during the 5th and 6th centuries, followed by the [[Lombards]], who established the [[Duchy of Benevento]]. The [[Normans]] ([[Robert Guiscard]]) conquered and re-unified Campania during the 11th and 12th centuries, seizing southern Italy from the Byzantines, forming the [[Kingdom of Sicily]]. After the [[Hohenstaufen]] confrontation with the [[Papacy]], the kingdom passed to [[Charles of Anjou]] who retained his mainland territories after he lost Sicily ([[1282]]) as the [[Kingdom of Naples]], reunited with Sicily by [[Alfonso V of Aragon]] ([[1442]]) who styled himself the 'King of two Sicilies', a title that was subsequently revived during the Spanish domination ([[1504]] – [[1713]]) of both kingdoms. The Bourbons succeeded in 1713: prior to the unification of Italy, Campania formed part of the Bourbon [[Kingdom of the Two Sicilies]].
== VanjskeEksterni poveznicelinkovi ==
* [http://www.regione.campania.it Official Region homepage]
*[http://en.comuni-italiani.it/15/index.html Comuni-Italiani.com] (directorij sa skupnim informacijama o većim gradovima, korisni linkovi )
*[http://www.italianvisits.com/campania ItalianVisits.com]
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