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Error in call to Template:OrthodoxWiki. You must identify a specific version of the OrthodoxWiki article.

Add this template near the bottom of articles that use verbatim text from OrthodoxWiki. This is attribution required by the GFDL and CC-By-SA which allows us to incorporate it.

Please use {{OrthodoxWiki talk}} on the associated talk page, which will provide more detailed information to editors on the licensing situation.

Usage[uredi izvor]

{{OrthodoxWiki| name= | oldid= }}

Parameters[uredi izvor]

  • name: The name of the OrthodoxWiki article. This parameter is optional. Include it if the Wikipedia and OrthodoxWiki articles have different names. If omitted, the name of the Wikipedia article is used.
  • oldid: The ID of the version of the OrthodoxWiki article sourced. We must specify the version to comply with the GFDL, and this is therefore a required parameter. You can get it from the link to the version in the article history.
Example A version of the OrthodoxWiki article Anthony the Great that was current on April 21, 2007 has the URL:
The number following "&oldid=" should be given as the oldid parameter in this template if that's the version that was copied. You can obtain the URL by navigating to the version and copying it out of the location bar. Even the oldid of the current version can be obtained this way, as long as it's reached from the history page or from the permanent link in the toolbox.