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[uredi kod]

This template allows the display of any monthly calendar (from 1970-2037). It is customizable in that the user can select which day the calendar should start on (Sunday or Monday).


[uredi kod]

{{CalendarCustom}}: Displays the current month's calendar.
Parameters: The following parameters can be used to display any calendar

  • year=year (four digit year, e.g. year=2008, valid years are 1970-2037) - default = {{CURRENTYEAR}}
  • month=month (Full month name or number, e.g. month=March or month=03) - default = {{CURRENTMONTH}}
  • format=startday (Calendar start day (leftmost day), can be Sun1st or Mon1st, e.g. format=Sun1st) - default = Sun1st
  • show_year=true/false (Display the year under the calendar, e.g. show_year=true) - default = false
  • float=right/left (float the calendar left or right, e.g. float=left) - default = none