Rana Vikrama

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Rana Vikrama
ರಾಣಾ ವಿಕ್ರಮ್
Režija Pavan Wadeyar
Producent Jayanna
Scenario Pavan Wadeyar
Uloge Puneeth Rajkumar
Adah Sharma
Girish Karnad
Rangayana Raghu
Vikram Singh
Muzika V. Harikrishna
Fotografija Vaidy S
Montaža Suresh Armugam
Studio Jayanna Combines
Distribucija Jayanna Combines
Reliance Entertainment
Datum(i) premijere
10. april 2015 (2015-04-10)
Trajanje 147 min
Zemlja  Indija
Jezik kannada

Rana Vikrama (kannada: ರಾಣಾ ವಿಕ್ರಮ್) indijski igrani film snimljen 2015. na kannadaju u režiji Pavan Wadeyarja[1].


Radnja[uredi - уреди | uredi izvor]

The film starts with a reporter being killed in a place called Vikramatheertha. She goes there to find out about the unknown place, which is not in the map of Karnataka. She informs the Home minister about her journey through a letter. Vikram aspire to become a policeman, but gets rejected as he don't want to bribe the officials. There is his love interest Paru who wants him to settle as early as possible. He meets the Home minister and complains aout his inability due to corruption. The home minister found out Vikram as a rough apprentice. Vikram goes to Vikramtheertha and finds out that the people are enslaved by Johnson. The soil of Vikramtheertha is exported in an illegal manner by Johnson with the help of MLA Kulkarini. Vikramtheertha finally recognised as a part of Karnataka. Vikram comes to know that his grandfather Rana Vikrama and grandmother Gowri belonged to the pre-independent Vikramtheertha which was invaded by grandfather of Johnson, Sir. Louis Batten. Vikram now fights with personal vengeance for those people of Vikramtheertha. He tracks down Johnson and finally kills him down.

Uloge[uredi - уреди | uredi izvor]

Izvori[uredi - уреди | uredi izvor]

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