Lord, Send Me an Angel

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“Lord, Send Me an Angel”
“Lord, Send Me an Angel” cover
Singlica The White Stripes
strana B "You're Pretty Good Looking"
izdana oktobar 2000.
Format 7"
Snimljena 2000.
Žanr Alternativa
Izdavač Sympathy for the Record Industry
Producent  ???
The White Stripes kronologija singlica
"Hello Operator"
"Lord, Send Me an Angel"
"Party of Special Things to Do"

"Lord, Send Me an Angel" je singlica grupe The White Stripes. Izdana je u oktobru 2000.

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  1. "Lord, Send Me An Angel" (Blind Willie McTell)
  2. "You're Pretty Good Looking" (Trendy American Remix)

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