Julien Temple

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Julien Temple

Temple na filmskom festivalu u Meksiku 2010. godine
Biografske informacije
Rođenje Julien Andrew Temple
26. novembar 1953. (1953-11-26) (dob: 66)[1]
Kensington, London, Engleska, UK
Supružnik Amanda Temple
Djeca 3, među kojima Juno Temple
Profesionalne informacije
Zanimanje režiser
Znamenita djela

Julien Andrew Temple (26. novembar 1953 -) je britanski filmski i televizijski režiser, najpoznatiji kao jedan od prvih koji je slavu stekao režirajući muzičke spotove, pri čemu se posebno ističe njegova suradnja sa grupom Sex Pistols i Davidom Bowiejem.

Njegova kćer Juno Temple je etablirana glumica.

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Godina Pjesma Izvođač Napomen Ref.
1977 "God Save the Queen" Sex Pistols
1979 "Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)" Neil Young
1980 "Breaking the Law" Judas Priest
"Living After Midnight"
"Argent trop cher" Téléphone
1981 "She's Got Claws" Gary Numan
"Magnetic Fields Part 2" Jean Michel Jarre
"Don't Go" Judas Priest
"Heading Out to the Highway"
"Hot Rockin'"
"Rock This Town" Stray Cats
"Stray Cat Strut"
"Predictable" The Kinks
1982 "Save It for Later" The Beat
"Poison Arrow" ABC
"Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" Culture Club
"See You" Depeche Mode
"The Meaning of Love"
"Leave in Silence"
"Come On Eileen" Dexys Midnight Runners
"You've Got Another Thing Comin'" Judas Priest
"Come Dancing" The Kinks
1983 "Freewheel Burning" Judas Priest
"Don't Forget to Dance" The Kinks
"State of Confusion"
"Too Much Blood" The Rolling Stones
"Undercover of the Night"
1984 Jazzin' for Blue Jean David Bowie kratki promotivni film za "Blue Jean"
"Do It Again" The Kinks
"She Was Hot" The Rolling Stones
"Smooth Operator" Sade
1986 "Absolute Beginners" David Bowie
"Don't Need a Gun" Billy Idol
"When I Think of You" Janet Jackson
1987 "Day-In Day-Out" David Bowie
1988 "This Note's for You" Neil Young
1989 "Planet Texas" Kenny Rogers
"No More" Neil Young
"Rockin' in the Free World"
"Tin Machine" Tin Machine Short promo video shown in cinemas before the 1989 film Lenny Live and Unleashed
"Free Fallin'" Tom Petty
"Yer So Bad"
"Forever Blue" Swing Out Sister
1990 World On Fire Jane Wiedlin 24. maj 1990 [6]
"Alright" Janet Jackson
"F*!#in' Up" Neil Young
"Over and Over"
"I'm Your Baby Tonight" Whitney Houston
1991 "Don't Rock the Jukebox" Alan Jackson
"(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" Bryan Adams
"Highwire" The Rolling Stones
"King of the Hill" (feat. Tom Petty) Roger McGuinn
"Into the Great Wide Open" Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"Learning to Fly"
"Black Sunshine" Me Phi Me
"Pu' Sho Hands 2Getha"
"Sad New Day"
"Harvest Moon" Neil Young
"Elvis On Velvet" Stray Cats
1993 "Adam in Chains" Billy Idol
"For Tomorrow" Blur
"Come Undone" Duran Duran
"Too Much Information"
"I'm Gonna Soothe You" Maria McKee
1994 "The Eyes of Truth" Enigma
"Return to Innocence"
1996 "Beyond the Invisible" Enigma
1997 "Beautiful Night" Paul McCartney
2001 "Have You Ever" S Club 7
2002 "You" S Club 7
2004 "Mary" Scissor Sisters [7]
2006 "Love You But You're Green" Babyshambles
"The Blinding"
2009 "Postcard From London" Ray Davies

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