Frederick Rolfe

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Frederick William Rolfe, poznatiji pod pseudonimom Baron Corvo, a i po tome što se nazivao 'Frederick William Serafino Austin Lewis Mary Rolfe', (22.7. 1860 - 25.10. 1913.), bio je engleski pisac, likovni umjetnik, fotograf i ekscentrik.


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Rolfeova glavna djela uključuju:

Rolfeov grob u Veneciji, (San Michele).
  • Stories Toto Told Me (1898)
  • Chronicles of the House of Borgia (1901)
  • Tarcissus the Boy Martyr of Rome (1901)
  • Nicholas Crabbe (1903-4, posthumno izadnje 1958)
  • Hadrian the Seventh (1904)
  • Don Tarquinio (1905)
  • Don Renato (1907-8, tisakono 1909 ali ne izdano, posthumno izdano 1963)
  • Hubert's Arthur (1909-11, posthumno izdano 1935)
  • The Weird of the Wanderer (1912)
  • The Desire and Pursuit of the Whole (1909, izdano 1934)
  • In His Own Image (posthumno izdano 1926)
  • The bull against the enemy of the Anglican race (posthumno izdano 1929)


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See also:

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