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{{{office}}} Slijedi:



[uredi kod]
prethodnik= {{{whatever is before}}}
služba= {{{whatever is title or name, frequently 'this page name' with or without pipetricks}}}
godine= {{{years|}}} (As an en dash separated 'range', appears centered under 'office'. Or other such information. Optional.
nasljednik= {{{Whatever comes after, usually next office-holder, or link in chain}}}

Pipe separate the "keywords= something you want" strings in any order. But the 'keyword=' must be given. Šablon:Commonstmp

Fancy example

[uredi kod]

Embedding <br> into each field enables multiple line data to be displayed. This is an actual use in the Honorverse book series:

On Basilisk Station
Preceding Short-stories:
in 'Changer of Worlds'
 (sub-series: 'Worlds of Honor #3') 
Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington

The Honor of the Queen
Honor Harrington books

Central figure:
Honor Harrington

In Chronological Order:
Second Novel in book series

  Publication order:   Second work published
(©1993 MMPB ,©2000 HC)

'''The Short Victorious War

(©1994 MMPB, ©2000 HC)
  HC: ISBN 0-671-87596-5