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Finland road sign 142 (1995–2020).svg This infobox is under constant development.
Since there are so many different types of former states, modifications are always required to fit this template to suit the article. If you are having trouble with a particular article, leave a message on the template talk page.
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Life span?
Glavni grad nedefinirano
Politički sistem nedefinirano
 - Nastanak Enter start year
 - Nestala Enter end year
[[{{{year_start}}}]] – [[{{{year_end}}}]]
Flag Grb
Zastava Grb
Location of {{{common_name}}}
Glavni grad {{{capital}}}
Glavni grad u egzilu {{{capital_exile}}}
Jezik/ci {{{common_languages}}}
Religija {{{religion}}}
Politički sistem nedefinirano
 - {{{year_leader1}}} {{{leader1}}}
 - {{{year_leader2}}} {{{leader2}}}
 - {{{year_leader3}}} {{{leader3}}}
 - {{{year_leader4}}} {{{leader4}}}
 - {{{year_representative1}}} {{{representative1}}}
 - {{{year_representative2}}} {{{representative2}}}
 - {{{year_representative3}}} {{{representative3}}}
 - {{{year_representative4}}} {{{representative4}}}
 - {{{year_deputy1}}} {{{deputy1}}}
 - {{{year_deputy2}}} {{{deputy2}}}
 - {{{year_deputy3}}} {{{deputy3}}}
 - {{{year_deputy4}}} {{{deputy4}}}
Zakonodavno tijelo {{{legislature}}}
 - {{{type_house1}}} {{{house1}}}
 - {{{type_house2}}} {{{house2}}}
 - {{{event_pre}}} {{{date_pre}}}
 - {{{event_start}}} {{{date_start}}}
 - {{{event1}}} {{{date_event1}}}
 - {{{event2}}} {{{date_event2}}}
 - {{{event3}}} {{{date_event3}}}
 - {{{event4}}} {{{date_event4}}}
 - {{{event_end}}} {{{date_end}}}
 - {{{event_post}}} {{{date_post}}}
Valuta {{{currency}}}

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